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michael jackson autopsy report

Full text of "Michael Jackson's Autopsy" See other formats aU.'NIY Of- 1 OS ANOlfl t S 1 CASE REPCRT VVI ACCIDKNT/ NATURAL Cclcbrilv, Media Interest S.C. JACKSON, MICIlAIiL JOSEPH NORTH CAROLWOOD DRiVl 0£X RACE COB Ai£ APPEARS MM.I-. Michael Jackson Autopsy Report (Complete) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This is the most complete autopsy report available publicly regarding Michael Jackson's death. As much as I hate uploading it here for view I find it necessary given the rumors and false information out there regarding his health and drug use especially.5/5(9). Public Documents, Mug Shots. Michael Jackson Autopsy Report L.A. coroner releases results of review of star's death.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language. Detective S. Lieutenant F. Corral assigned this death investigation to me at hours. Winter and Forensic Attendant A. Forensic Attendant Perez escorted the decedent's body during transport, michael jackson autopsy report.

Assistant Chief E. Winter and I left the hospital michael jackson autopsy report went to the decedent's residence. We arrived at the residence at hours and I performed a scene investigation. We departed the scene hours and returned to the FSC. I spoke with Detective S. Conrad Murray. The decedent complained of being dehydrated and not being able to sleep.

Murray went to the decedent's residence and administered medical care. The details and extent of this medical care are currently unknown; though the decedent slept for several hours and Dr. Murray was at the bedside. Around hours, Dr. Murray found that the decedent was not breathing and he pulled the michael jackson autopsy report onto the bedroom floor and began CPR. According to the medical record listed abovethe paramedics arrived at the home at hours and found the decedent asystolic.

The decedent was then intubated and CPR efforts continued. The decedent remained unresponsive; his pupils were fixed and dilated. Under advisement of Dr. Throughout the transport, all medical orders were given by Dr. The decedent presented asystolic michael jackson autopsy report the hospital. Central lines and an intra-aortic balloon pump were placed but the decedent remained without vital signs. He was taking several prescription medications including clonazepam, trazodone, diazepam, lorazepam and Flomax but it is unknown if he was compliant.

The home is clean and well-groomed. I observed the bedroom on the second floor of the home, to the right of the top of the staircase. Reportedly, this is the bedroom where the decedent had been resting and entered cardiac arrest.

His usual bedroom was down the hall. The bedroom to the right of the staircase contained a queen size bed, numerous tables and chairs, a dresser and a television, michael jackson autopsy report. There was also a large attached walk-in closet. The bedding was disheveled and appeared as though someone had been lying on the left side of the bed. There was a blue plastic pad lined with cotton on the left side of the fitted sheet near the center of the bed.

Near the left foot of the bed, there was a string of wooden beads and a tube of toothpaste. Miscellaneous items remained on the right side of the bed including a book, laptop computer and eyeglasses.

Also near the foot of michael jackson autopsy report bed, there was a closed bottle of urine atop a chair. Next to the left side of the bed, there were two tables and a tan colored sofa chair. Reportedly, the decedent's doctor sat here. A green oxygen tank was also on this side of the bed. The decedent's prescription medication bottles were seen on the tables with various medical supplies including a box of catheters, disposable needles and alcohol pads.

Several empty orange juice bottles, a telephone and lamp were on the tables as well. An ambu-bag and latex gloves lay on the floor next to the bed. The decedent was wearing a hospital gown. The body is that of an adult Black male who appears to be approximately years-old.

He has brown colored eyes, michael jackson autopsy report, natural teeth and brown hair. The decedent's head hair is sparse and is connected to a wig. The decedent's overall skin has patches of light and dark pigmented areas. The ambient temperature in the hospital room was 68 degrees F at hours.

At 1 hours, rigor mortis was not present throughout the body and lividity blanched with light pressure. Lividity was consistent with a supine position. There was a dark black discoloration on the decedent's upper forehead near his hair line. Dark coloration was present on the decedent's eyebrows, eyelashes and lips.

A small piece of gauze was found on the tip of his nose and an ETT, held in place with medical tape, michael jackson autopsy report, was seen in his mouth. A red discoloration is prominent on the center of his chest.

Gauze covering a puncture wound was taped to his right neck and IV catheters were present in his left neck and bilaterally in the inguinal area. There was also an external urine catheter present. Additional puncture wounds were seen on his right shoulder, both arms and both ankles.

There is a bruise on his left inner leg, below his knee and 4 discolored indentations were found on his lower backside. Autopsy Notification: Detective S. See file for contact information. Conrad Murrary, 1 IV side clamp. Toxicology findings see separate report, michael jackson autopsy report. A Propofol, lorazepam, midazolam, lidocaine, diazepam and nordiazepam, identified in blood samples see toxicology report for details.

B Propofolmichael jackson autopsy report, midazolam, lidocaine and ephedrine ident i f ied in urine. C Propofol and lidocaine identified in liver tissue. D Propofol identified in vitreous humor.

E Michael jackson autopsy report and propofol identified in stomach contents. Nodular prostatic hyperplasia. A Prominent intravesical median lobe enlargement. B Urinary retention. Tubular adenoma of colon.

Evidence of therapy. A Endotracheal tube. D Punctures and contusions of right neck, both arms, left calf, and right ankle. E Condom catheter, michael jackson autopsy report. F Resusci tat ive abrasion-contusion of central chest. G Resuscitative fractures of sternum, right 4th and 5th ribs, and left 3rd through 5th ribs. H Resuscitative alveolar hemorrhage of lungs.

I Resuscitative transmural hemorrhage of stomach. See separate consultation reports: A Neuropathology. Mild cerebral vascular congestion.

Mild diffuse brain swelling without herniation syndrome. Mild basal ganglia calcification. B Pulmonary pathology. Marked diffuse congestion and patchy hemorrhage of right and left lungs.

Marked respiratory bronchiolitis, histiocytic desquamation, and multifocal chronic interstitial pneumonitis. Multifocal f ibrocollagenous scars. Organizing and recanalizing thromboemboli of two small arteries. Intravascular eosinophilia with occasional interstitial eosinophilic infiltrate.

Suggestive focal desquamation of respiratory lining cells with squamous metaplasia. C Radiology. Minimal degenerative spondylosis of the lower thoracic spine. Right C7 cervical rib. Degenerative osteoarthritis of lower lumbar spine facet joints, distal int erphalangeal joints of the right index and long fingers, and distal int erpha 1 angeal joint of left little finger.

Mild calcified arterial atherosclerosis of both legs. D Odontology. Root canal therapy, tooth


Full text of "Michael Jackson's Autopsy"


michael jackson autopsy report


Jun 29,  · An autopsy on Michael Jackson revealed that the King of Pop’s emaciated body was riddled with needle marks and scars, and his head was virtually bald, it Author: Lachlan Cartwright. Michael Jackson Autopsy Report. Submit a Tip! ALSO: Jackson post-mortem and morgue photos. FEBRUARY As prosecutors today announced manslaughter charges against . May 07,  · Jurors hearing the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial may again be faced with a stark vision of the dead pop icon on Tuesday.